First time Setup of your Wheel

To get your wheel up and running, the following software packages are required.

Base Driver Package

The latest Wheel Firmware & Configuration Tool Installer for your wheel 

  • Extract & run the Base Driver Package
  • Connect/reconnect the wheel USB cable
  • Wait 30-60 seconds for the drivers to auto-install
  • Extract & run the Wheel Firmware & Configuration Tool Installer
  • Once the firmware is installed, your wheel will initialize, this takes 10-30 seconds and the wheel must not be touched during the process.
  • Launch the Configuration Tool 
  • Center your physical Steering wheel
  • In the Configuration Tool, click "Center Wheel" 

The wheel is now ready to use.



  1. The Configuration Tool fails to open after installation: Re-run the Base Driver Package as Administrator
  2. The wheel fails to initialize or shows as "Not Connected" in the Configuration Tool: Plug the USB cable into a different motherboard port and re-run the Wheel Firmware & Configuration Tool Installer
  3. You get a system error stating "msvcr120.dll is missing" (typically on a new Windows installation): Download & Install the 32-bit Visual C++ 2013 runtime

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