About Us


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We are a technology-focused team based in London, England.

For the last 3 years, we have designed and produced direct drive wheels with the primary aim of increasing the accessibility of this game-changing technology.

In July 2015 we introduced "Self-Assembly Kits" based on Granite Devices IONI Pro, IONICUBE, MiGE 130ST Servo Motors and the STM32F4Discovery board. These were replaced in November 2015 with "Partially Assembled Kits".

In July 2016 IONICUBE based "Pre-Assembled Kits" began production with SimuCUBE based "Pre-Assembled Kits" added in October 2016.

February 2017, saw the introduction of the SW range featuring SW20, SW20+ & SW28 models. The SW20 V2  refresh was introduced in January 2018 

This year we've also added the Compact Series of direct drive wheels featuring in-house developed hardware, firmware and software.

We look forward to introducing more products that enhance the sim-racing experience and expand on what we currently view as possible