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Setting up Dirt Rally 2.0 with the Presets Installer

The Presets Installer modifies your Dirt Rally 2.0 (DR2) installation with a Controller Preset for your specific wheel. Download the latest  release Ensure your wheel is powered on, plugged in and DR2 is properly installed Run the Presets Installer Launch DR2 and check that your wheelbase is recognized as a "Steering Wheel"rather than an "Unknown" device  Select the wheel preset and configure as required. DR2 is now ready to use with your wheel      

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Troubleshooting your USB bus with the USB Resets feature

 The wheel requires a stable USB connection with your PC. FFB commands are sent sequentially (without error checking) along the USB bus at communication rates up to 1KHz. Dropped commands can lead to unpredictable behaviour as the motor controller is no longer in sync with the sim.  To guard against this the wheel monitors the USB bus by exchanging a thousand heartbeats per second with the PC. If 100 of these are missed in a row, the USB interface on the wheel is reset and waits for the PC to reconnect. This is in reaction to the loss of communication with the PC and is an effect rather than cause of an issue. These resets are logged in the "Telemetry" tab of the desktop app and can be used...

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