Setting up rFactor2 with the Presets Installer

The Presets Installer modifies your rFactor 2 installation with a Controller Preset for your specific wheel.

  • Download the latest  release
  • Ensure your wheel is powered on, plugged in and rFactor 2 is installed
  • Run the Presets Installer

  • Launch rF2 and select "Options>Controls"
  • Click "Load" in the bottom right corner
  • Select the configuration file for your wheel
  • Configure Left & Right Steering assignments ensuring you turn the wheel through the end-stops and back to center in each direction.
  • Configure your other peripherals
  • Ensure "Vehicle Set" is ticked

    and "Steering Rotation" is set to 900 in the desktop app. This allows rF2 to automatically set the rotation for each car and ensure a 1:1 relationship between your steering wheel and the virtual wheel
  • Save the configuration with a custom name


rFactor 2 is now ready to use with your wheel




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