SW65 Pro (65Nm Direct Drive Wheel)

£1,799.99 inc. VAT (UK)
£1,499.99 exc. VAT (EU & International)

Direct Drive Wheel built around the MiGE 180ST-M27010 with a 8,388,608 (8M) cpr absolute encoder.


Included are

  • SW65 Pro Control Unit
  • MiGE 180ST-M27010 with 8M cpr absolute encoder
  • 2.5 metre shielded motor power cable
  • 2.5 metre shielded motor encoder cable
  • 2 metre USB Data Cable
  • Motor Shaft to Steering Wheel Adapter
  • Adjustable motor mount
  • Emergency Stop
  • Location specific Power Cable
  • 2 year warranty 


This is a special order item and is currently only available on the Beta Program