SW13C+ (13Nm Direct Drive Wheel)

SW13C+ (13Nm Direct Drive Wheel)

£719.99 inc. VAT (EU)
£599.99 exc. VAT (International)

Direct Drive Wheel built around the MiGE 110ST-M06030 with a 8,388,608 (8M) cpr absolute encoder.


 Included are

  • SW13C+  Control Unit
  • MiGE 110ST-M06030 with 8M cpr absolute encoder
  • 2 metre shielded motor power cable
  • 2 metre shielded motor encoder cable
  • 1x 2 metre USB Data Cable
  • Motor Shaft to Steering Wheel Adapter
  • 80/20 compatible motor mount with Universal base plate
  • Location specific Power Cable
  • 2 year warranty 


Shipping Costs (transit times) 
Asia 95 GBP (4-8 days)
Australia 95 GBP (4-7 days) 
Europe 37.50 GBP (3-6 days)
New Zealand 95 GBP (5-9 days)
UK 17.50 GBP (2-4 days)
US/Canada 70 GBP (3-5 days)
Other locations available on request

Supported Sims

Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Automobilista, BeamNG.drive, Dirt Rally, Dirt Rally 2.0, Dirt 4, F1 2018, iRacing, Live for Speed, Project CARS, Project CARS 2, RaceRoom Racing Experience, rFactor, rFactor 2, Richard Burns Rally, Stock Car Extreme