Self-Assembly Direct Drive Wheel Kit (MiGE/IONI) (Discontinued)
Self-Assembly Direct Drive Wheel Kit (MiGE/IONI) (Discontinued)

Self-Assembly Direct Drive Wheel Kit (MiGE/IONI) (Discontinued)

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The kit is based around a MiGE servo motor, Granite Devices IONICUBE, STM32F4Discovery and consists of

  1. MiGE 130ST-M10010 (small MiGE) or MiGE 130ST-M15015 (large MiGE)
  2. Mean Well PSP-600-48 (600W 48V motor PSU)
  3. Mean Well RS-25-24 (25W 24V logic PSU)
  4. IONICUBE 1X or IONICUBE 4X (servo drive controller motherboard)
  5. IONI Pro (servo drive controller that plugs into IONICUBE)
  6. Discovery Shield (seats STM32F4Discovery, provides PSU protection, terminates motor power, logic power, Enable Switch, Emergency Stop, Motor feedback and interfaces with IONICUBE)
  7. STM32F4Discovery Board (Plugs into Discovery Shield, runs firmware to control wheel)
  8. Pre-assembled Motor power cable (plugs into IONICUBE and MiGE servo)
  9. Pre-assembled motor encoder cable (plugs into Discovery Shield and MiGE servo)
  10. Pre-wired Emergency Stop unit (plugs into Discovery Shield)
  11. Pre-wired Enable switch (plugs into Discovery Shield)
  12. Pre-terminated DC power cables (plug into Discovery Shield and are screwed into the DC outputs of the motor and logic PSUs)
  13. IEC Line Filter, fuse, ON/OFF switch combination with cables (to be screwed into the AC inputs of the Mean Well PSUs)
  14. An adjustable motor mount
  15. A motor shaft to steering wheel adapter
  16. 10 Ohm 100W Braking Resistor
  17. A 2 metre Mini USB cable
  18. A 2 metre Micro USB Cable
  19. USB to RS485 Adapter with 2 metre RJ45 Cable

Tools required

  1. Phillips screwdriver
  2. Small flat blade screwdriver (Mains tester screwdriver)
  3. Allen (Hex) Key set
  4. 8mm & 13mm spanners 

Items you need to supply

  1. A 70mm PCD 6 hole steering wheel or quick release unit
  2. A suitable enclosure of your choice
  3. A suitable IEC AC power cable for your location (standard PC power lead)